I took a trip and came back changed.

For 12 days in November 2018, I traveled with about 50 other American people of Chinese descent to various places in Guangdong province to see sites and villages of significance to our various families’ history. This is a blog about that trip: my expectations, preparations, who was there, where we went, what we ate and saw and did. It’s also a summary of what i learned about the places we went and their significance to my particular family history as I understand it.

I hope this blog will help others decide to check out the places their own families have been. Besides just trying to document the trip, I’m still trying to describe the ongoing changes to my heart and mind from seeing these places, meeting people, walking, watching, listening, imagining, sleeping and dreaming in the land of my ancestors.

This is my first time making a website. I’ll be posting new content weekly, so check back.

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